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11 October 2020

Politicians are killing the North Wales economy

Fox News.

Politicians across the UK and most particularly in North Wales are playing a dangerous game with the Welsh economy by trying to micro-manage human interaction.

Go here, but not there; wear a mask here, but not there; you are allowed to leave the county for this reason, but not that reason — maybe?. This activity is legal — today — but maybe not tomorrow. You may get hit with a £10,000 (or you may not). Your business can remain open — but you can only have two customers on the premises unless you construct expensive plastic screens that, in reality, do nothing.

You (might) be able to borrow some money for the time being — but most small businesses are locked out of so-called government help schemes.

Take a look at Llandudno on Saturday night. The few pubs and restaurants that are open have no more than two or three customers. Numerous venues that were, briefly open in the summer, have now closed again because the cost of keeping open almost empty venues is ruinous.

The latest forest of restrictions has finally killed what little business might be out there. It doesn't help that the Welsh Assembly has given instructions to North Wales Police to stop vehicles crossing the 'border' from England.

No wonder the Empire Hotel in Llandudno, which was only recently awarded a substantial 'Covid grant' of tens of thousands of pounds, has now closed again. How are guests supposed to arrive if the police are prosecuting them and turning them around?

If you think things are bad now, much worse is yet to come as the economic fallout continues to grow. By next summer there will be few private businesses left standing. Hotels burdened with 'Covid loan' repayments will become even more uncompetitive compared with overseas alternatives.

In Llandudno Debenhams is on its last legs and Marks and Spencers is considering closing their last remaining store having already shut their other store even before the Covid crisis struck.

Ant and Dec in Abergele.

Even the much advertised Ant and Dec TV project at Gwrych Castle is now in doubt. The project is so high-profile that the Welsh government is talking about making special exceptions to the Covid rules to keep the project on track. So, yet again we see one law for the ordinary people and another for the favoured few.

And why are all these damaging and excessive laws necessary?

Eight out of ten people who contract the virus experience no symtoms or very few. The average age of fatalities from the virus is 82 years of age.

Featherbedded and well paid politicians have killed the economy, ruined the lives of millions of people and blighted the country for years to come in the vain belief that they can prevent old people from dying. All deaths are sad — but they are inevitable.

The entire response to the Covid virus is a monument to the arrogance of politicians who now believe they can play God. It has come to something when Welsh, English and Scottish politicians make Donald Trump look good.



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