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08 October 2020

"America will be as bad as Wales"

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has warned that Joe Biden will institute “rolling lockdowns” to control the coronavirus – turning the US into Wales.

Fox News.

Ms Ingraham, one of Donald Trump’s staunchest media supporters, shared a BBC news article on Fox News reporting that “Coronavirus: 'Rolling lockdowns' will become the norm in Wales”, tweeting it along with the words “Your future under Biden”.

The tweet has so far been retweeted more than 3,000 times, including by the president himself. It has met with some degree of ridicule, with one user sarcastically musing that “Wales is finally getting the respect it deserves.”

The article Ms Ingraham shared quotes the Welsh chief medical officer warning that the country should “get ready” for on-and-off lockdown procedures, with 15 out of 22 counties now under local lockdown measures.



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