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Loonies in charge of Covid.

17 October 2020

How to turn a problem into a crisis

How to make Covid worse. How to make Covid worse.

COVID in three sentences:.

Average life expectancy in UK = 82 years.

Average age of death from Covid = 82 years of age.

Net lives saved by closing down the economy = 0.


Politicians are suffering from the King Canute syndrome. They believe they can turn back the incoming tide.

If they were not so deluded at their own importance they would know they cannot play God and stop people dying.

Children are virtually immune, yet politicians are restricting schooling. Most people under 50 are hardly aware they have been infected by the virus. The key at-risk groups are the elderly, those with certain existing health problems and some clearly defined ethnic groups.

Closing the economy and wrecking lives and bankrupting businesses is a political decision, not a reasoned public health response.

As millions of British people are discovering, when there is a problem, governments only make things worse. When things are bad you are always on your own, in the end.

And, are the politicians or the state employees suffering like everyone else? Have they had their salaries and pensions cut? Has anyone in the pay of the state lost their job? These people live in a little world of their own. They don't give a monkey's about the rest of the population.



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